Adobe Lightroom Shortcut Keys

During my Workshop in Adobe Lightroom, everyone asks about my most frequently used Lightroom keyboard shortcuts.

So here is my list-




Windows Mac OS
Show/hide side panels Tab Tab
Show/hide all panels Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Show/hide toolbar T T

Keys for navigating modules



Windows Mac OS
Go to Library module E E
Go to Develop module D D

Keys for changing views and screen modes



Windows Mac OS
Enter Library Loupe view E E
Enter Library Grid view G G
Open selected photo in the Develop module D D
Cycle forward / backward through Lights Out modes L / Shift + L L / Shift + L
Toggle Lights Dim mode Ctrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Full Screen F F
Information I I

Keys for managing photos and catalogs



Windows Mac OS
Import photos from disk Ctrl + Shift + I Command + Shift + I
Open Preferences Ctrl + , (comma) Command + , (comma)
Open Catalog Settings Ctrl + Alt + , (comma) Command + Option + , (comma)
Show in Explorer/Finder (Library and Develop module only) Ctrl + R Command + R
Go to next/previous photo in the Filmstrip Right Arrow/Left Arrow Right Arrow/Left Arrow
Select multiple folders or collections (in Library, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules) Shift-click or Ctrl-click Shift-click or Command-click
Rename photo (in Library module) F2 F2
Delete selected photo(s) Backspace or Delete Delete
Delete rejected photo(s) Ctrl + Backspace Command + Delete
Export selected photo(s) Ctrl + Shift + E Command + Shift + E

Keys for comparing photos in the Library module



Windows Mac OS
Switch to Loupe view E or Enter E or Return
Switch to Grid view G or Esc G or Esc
Switch to Compare view C C
Switch to Survey view N N
Switch from Grid to Loupe view Spacebar or E Spacebar or E
Swap select and candidate photos in Compare view Down Arrow Down Arrow
Make next photos select and candidate in Compare view Up Arrow Up Arrow
Toggle Zoom view Z or Spacebar Z or Spacebar
Rotate photo right (clockwise) Ctrl + ] Command + ]
Rotate photo left (counterclockwise) Ctrl + [ Command + [
Show/hide badges Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H Command + Option + Shift + H
Cycle Grid views J J
Selection of Photos
Select multiple discrete photos Ctrl-click Command-click
Select multiple contiguous photos Shift-click Shift-click
Select all photos Ctrl + A Command + A
Deselect all photos Ctrl + D Command + D or Command + Shift + A
Select only active photo Ctrl + Shift + D Command + Shift + D
Deselect active photo / /

Keys for rating and filtering photos



Windows Mac OS
Set star rating 1-5 1-5
Remove star rating 0 0
Assign a red label 6 6
Assign a yellow label 7 7
Assign a green label 8 8
Assign a blue label 9 9
Flag photo as a pick P P
Flag photo as a pick and go to next photo Shift + P Shift + P
Flag photo as a reject X X
Unflag photo U U
Show/hide Library Filter bar \ \

Keys for working with metadata and keywords in the Library module



Windows Mac OS
Add keywords Ctrl + K Command + K
Edit keywords Ctrl + Shift + K Command + Shift + K
Set a keyword shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K Command + Option + Shift + K
Add/remove keyword shortcut from selected photo Shift + K Shift + K
Enable painting Ctrl + Alt + K Command + Option + K
Add a keyword from a keyword set to selected photo Alt + 1-9 Option + 1-9
Cycle forward / backward through keyword sets Alt + 0 / Alt + Shift + 0 Option + 0 / Option + Shift + 0
Copy/paste metadata Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C / Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V Command + Option + Shift + C / Command + Option + Shift + V
Save metadata to file Ctrl + S Command + S

Keys for working in the Develop module



Windows Mac OS
Convert to grayscale V V
Copy/paste Develop settings Ctrl + Shift + C / Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + C / Command + Shift + V
Paste settings from previous photo Ctrl + Alt + V Command + Option + V
Select the Crop tool (from any module) R R
Constrain aspect ratio when Crop tool is selected A A
Switch crop between portrait and landscape orientation X X
Reset crop Ctrl + Alt + R Command + Option + R
Select the Adjustment Brush tool (from any module) K K
Select the Graduated Filter tool M M
Increase/decrease brush size ] / [ ] / [
Show clipping J J
Rotate photo right (clockwise) Ctrl + ] Command + ]
Rotate photo left (counterclockwise) Ctrl + [ Command + [
Toggle between Loupe and 1:1 Zoom preview Spacebar or Z Spacebar or Z
Zoom in / zoom out Ctrl + = / Ctrl + – Command + = / Command + –
Play impromptu slide show Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
View Before and After left/right Y Y