Bhirandiyara – A Beautiful Kutch Village

After visiting the White Rann of Kutch, I was heading towards Kalo Dunger (literally – Black Mountain).

This small village – Bhirandiyara on the way caught my attention. It was a cluster of about 20 houses and every member of the village is an artisan in some way.

All the houses are made in the similar fashion – round and conical with mud brick roofs. The walls were painted with clay. Some were white-washed. It was very neat and clean.



Hira bhai welcomed me to see his house.


His house compound had a section for visitors and another was his private area. He showed me the rooms that are available to tourists.

The windows were beautifully decorated.

The rooms were neat and decorated with Kutch art.

The ceiling was also painted very beautifully. All the houses in Kutch have similar paintings.

The courtyard had a tulsi (basil) plant which is common in all Hindu houses.

I requested if I could see the private part of his house. I was more interested in that. He kindly agreed and I went around taking pictures with permission.

The ‘bahu’ was making rotis in a separate section of the house using wood. They bring the wood from the bushes around.


This is how one of their private bedrooms looked like. There was a row of shining utensils all round in racks.

Then I met the lady of the house.


Most of the time she was busy on her work of making some appliqué which is one of the main sources of their income. There are various NGOs who take their products and sell it for them fetching higher prices.



The kids were having fun swinging…


As I was having a show-round, Hira bhai was busy reading a magazine.


It was time for me to thank the family say goodbye! My bike was waiting out outside in the hot sun.



The village is at the Y junction of the main road where one road leads to Dhordo, the village beyond which you see the White Rann.


How to go – You can hire a taxi from Bhuj to go around. There are very limited public transport.

Thanksgiving – Visiting around Kutch would have been impossible without help of my friend Linesh Shah who was kind enough to give me his bike for my use. Thank you so much Linesh. I owe this post to you.


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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