Om Mane Padme Hum – A Weekend Trip to Salihundam

Salihundam – one of the places that was like the most pleasant surprise to me in my quest to travel to unknown and offbeat places.

We took a local bus from Srikakulam town going to Kalingapatnam beach. This place was on top of a hill on the way – thats all we knew about on how to reach.

We had a tough time getting to know where to get down. After a lot of discussion, the people were able to understand where exactly we wanted to go and thankfully we were there at the right place.

About the place –

Salipetaka (literally – box of bones) or Salihundan is a site of impressive Buddhist monuments dating back to 2nd century AD. Situated on the banks of River Vamsadhara, there are maha stupas, votive stupas, chaityas, platforms and viharas and mandapas. Unfortunalely, the main stupa does is in its ruins. The site was discovered in 1919 and it depicts the evolution of the three era of Buddhism – Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.

This place occupies a prominent place in the Buddhism map as this is the place from where the religion spread to Sumatra and other South-East Asian countries.

There was hardly anyone around. As it was July, greenery as ubiquitous. As we passed by the green fields, we could see a straight road going up the hill


It was a pleasant walk and soon we were there. Reaching the top, we witnessed one of the most spectacular views I could ever remember – the meandering river Vamsadhara jutting into the Bay of Bengal.



The structures were spread all across the hillock.





The town of Salihundam


Several statues of ‘Tara’ – a female Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism was discovered from the site. This and many other statues are well preserved in the small Archaelogical Survey of India museum there.



We see several stones with writings by ancient travelers to record their visits. By the way, I did not do the same 🙂


The road down the hill…



Location – Salihundam is located in Gara Mandal of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh, India and is 18 kilometers from Srikakulam on the way to Kalingapatnam beach which is another 5 kms.

A request – As you can see, these places are untouched by tourism. These places are for us to see and enjoy but we need to do it responsibly. Lets preserve their beauty for future generations to relish.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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  1. Saurabh, this is a really place you discovered! so pristine and peaceful. I am sure you will always find more of these sort of places for the world to admire and also wish you do so! Thanks for the info and sharing the pictures.

    • Thank you Sai Kiran, your words really motivate me 🙂

  2. be it the remote Ai bhimabharam village,or be it this place,u can be always trusted to unearth a gem! The pictures are fascinating and so is the history of the place. Without spoiling the serenity of the place (since it is still untouched by the tourists), i think we should have a field trip here soon!

  3. Saurabh,
    Written excellent!!!
    I’d there twice but unable to touch even some part of there as you’d taken there some clicks. I think might be this trip on some early monsoon season, I’ll again try for a trip in this July end, it about Only 135 km from Chhatarpur on NH-16/AH-45.
    Thanks for your Blog Note.

  4. Good information provided

  5. Strainght and simply Good information provided

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