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Photo Tours from Hyderabad

The best way to master photography is learning on the move.

Our photo-tours will quench your thirst of travelling to some awesome places in our beautiful country and get some great shots.

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to travel and take some great pictures.

Saurabh will personally assist you while in field so that you get some awesome images.

The number of participants will be limited so that Saurabh can help you closely.

There will also be  discussions on Photography and about post processing. Every day, we will also analyze some of your pictures and talk about how to make them better.

What you will get?

Apart from the experience of visiting a new place, you will also come back with some great pictures. Your photographic skills will improve significantly. Apart from that you will also make some great friends.


If you want to join for any of my photo tours, please fill this form. I will keep you informed on my next trips.

You might like to read my blog on my previous trips.

Calendar for 2018 (Fixed Dates)

12 Jan to 15 Jan – Makar Sankranti in Varanasi

8th July to 16 July – Zanskar Tour

16th July to 24th July – Ladakh Tour

29th Aug to 6th Sep – Gujarat including Kutch

7th Sep to 17th Sep – Spiti Valley

19th Nov to 19th Nov – Pushkar Camel Fair

21st Nov to 24th Nov – Dev Diwali in Varanasi

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Only TEN participants per tour.
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About the tour leader – Saurabh Chatterjee


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About the tour leader – Saurabh Chatterjee


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The Previous Trips

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Spiti Valley Tour 2015

Zanskar Tour 2015

Zanskar Tour 2015

SIA Rajasthan Photo tour 2015

SIA Rajasthan Photo tour 2015

Some feedback –
Lasting memories with once in a lifetime experiences…!!😍
Last 10 days where one of the best days of my life… it was one heck of a trip to the remote places of himachal pradesh…. capturing the scenic beauty of The Himalayas,its people,their lifestyle and indulging in their hospitality…❤
It was very exciting.. I’m glad to get this one under my belt 😁
I can’t thank you enough Saurabh for this wonderful chance and for your tremendous support… I’m extremely grateful to be a part of this trip…
Thank you PSuvadipta BeherahJaunet GurudasuSiva AngadigadigaPaul PrashanthaBarhadath DevarajarajarajarajtPřakhař Veřmaeřmama for being the people you are…
Thanks for all the love, support, care and affection you guys have showered me with… couldn’t have asked for more..
I feel blessed and I will always be grateful for that…😘

I am in love with this world . . . I have climbed its mountains, roamed its forests, sailed its waters, crossed its deserts, felt the sting of its frosts, the oppression of its heats, the drench of its rains, the fury of its winds, and always have beauty and joy waited upon my goings and comings.– John Burroughs

Thanks to Saurabh for organising such an wonderful trip. Those 10 days were the most wonderful and memorable days of my life which i will always cherish.Meeting all those village people and playing with the kids ..capturing their emotions and the breathtaking landscapes.. Climbing the mountains in such adverse climatic conditions made me realised my true potential.. Thanks to my team Siva Angadi Jaunet Gurudas Swaroopa Uppala Suvadipta Behera paul Barhadath Devaraj sir . With you guys i had the best time, those late night talks and early morning walks would never been such fun filled..Would love to meet you guys again and revive all the moments we have shared.

The great Himalayas – I was planning on traveling these mountains ranges for more than a decade. Finally I could make it. Thanks to Saurabh and SIA Photography. I am not a photographer but after looking at the itinerary I knew this is what I was looking for to start with.
For the past 10 days we have travelled on some of the most treacherous roads in the world. Went to remote villages in the region. ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’ is what we find among the locals here. The hospitality and the honesty with which they deal with the people is truly impressive. Despite living in high altitude and far away from the basic necessities they are extremely happy – I wonder how?
Traveling in high altitude areas comes with its own set of problems but then personally it was worth dealing with those. I have always admired the people who travelled these mountain ranges but now after this trip my respect for them has increased tremendously!
As I sit here at Delhi airport to travel back home I realize what I am missing – clean air, beautiful landscapes, and happy faces. I am gonna live on the memories till I revisit these amazing mountains next year.

Few lines about SIA Photography and Saurabh Chatterjee…Was searching for a group to travel with , a group of serious photographers….Came across SIA Photography in google search…
I was very apprehensive, as this was my first time traveling with strangers…So i called Saurabh Chatterjee asking him if i can join him in his tour….and like this my journey started… 1st trip was Srinagar, Leh and Ladakh and 2nd was Lahaul & Spiti…
Got two amazing group of people to travel with. Saurabh an amazing mentor and guide….He took us to the perfect place at perfect time for a perfect shot….Got to learn few do and don’ts about photography…Thanks to Saurabh Chatterjee, looking forward for more similar trips to new places, and exploring India and freezing it….

The roller coaster trip that was…Took the world’s most treacherous roads to Spiti Valley along with a wonderful group of ppl..I could travel only till Kaza @12000 ft and had to return due to low level of oxygen…Yes, my memory cards are not full but my heart is full of thrilling ,amazing experiences . I cant thank you enough Saurabh for the wonderful person you are…and my buddies Swaroopa, Suvadipta, Jaunet, Siva, Paul,Přakhař Barhadath love you people like crazy Padma

Saurabh was known to me for long, I had been waiting to go on his phototours for quite some time, as he had covered more places in Himalayas and that too one’s not touched by most phototour organisers. I was sure it was going to be a different experience. Like i had thought it was a great learning experience with the enthusiastic batch so diverse that I felt 10 days of togetherness was just a fleeting moment, and Saurabh’s tireless explanation of things to do at every moment in the tour was truly an enriching experience. Hope to see more of Incredible India with you and rest of my friends whom I made in this tour.

Someone once said: “Nature’s heart beats strong amid the hills,” can’t remember who now, but the person couldn’t have been more right… A visit to the hills reinvigorates every cell in your body. It’s not just about how beautiful the hills are. In fact, it’s so beautiful that it almost seems pointless to attempt to put them in words. But the hills made me realize how a simple act like breathing can be so hard at times. Every breath that i took in that thin air filled me with this great sense of gratitude. It made me feel small, it made the big problems of our complicated lives seem trivial. ‘Simple living, high thinking’, these words were inscribed on a wall in Kaza… and that is the way to live and love!

I have only one person to thank for all these experiences: Saurabh. I’m sure many of you who visit this site and realize that that this is photo tour, may think twice before joining this trip. Don’t worry. You won’t regret it. You will see the hills the way they are meant to be seen and experienced. The best part: you will come back with some incredible pictures which will surprise even those who have been to Spiti before. Happened to me when my friends saw pictures of the milky way. Thank you for that, Saurabh.

Amazing tour to spiti valley!
Well honestly I dunno where to start from n where to end at.. It was an awesome journey n a great experience! I never ever thought I’d be going but the line once said by Saurab Sir ” IT IS DIFFICULT BECAUSE U THINK IT IS ” this line actually kept me confident. Besides it was pleasure being with a decent, knowledgeable, understanding n a helpful person i.e, Saurabh Chatterjee. Infact all the people who came along were simply great n supportive and I can’t forget my lovely room mates!
I have seen a new world, new place, new culture, different atmosphere n much more thanks to God then my parents n surely to saurabh sir!
Aparna Bhagwat Sole I can’t forget your jhad wala apple
,ur love for kids n bourbon biscuits 😁☺Swati Nighoskarr uve been very helpful n kind all the time ☺Sudhakar Bichalii your courage has inspired all of us n your jokes 😝 haha baigan 🍆🍆 lShruthi Rao Rao anybody is peeing chai? 😜 n your wish to go to the hospital has fulfilled 😂 now plz no more wishes like this n the head massage from u waAruna Sahithi Reddy Muskuddy Musku sometimes your selfie stick was a big help for me.. And our work out at the kee monestary even your curd addiction ! 😝😂
I’m the end many thanks to Saurabh sir, things wudnt have been possible without u!


Finally I could make it to my first photo tour with SIA. Very happy to be a part of such a wonderful trip.Had loads of fun along with lots of learning. One of the best trips so far.Thank you Saurabh Chatterjee for pushing us to test our limits every time else we would have missed the other awesome shots as we missed Chitkul sunrise. Learnt a lot in this trip and looking forward to join you for more such trips.Thank you…Saurabh Chatterjee, Aparna Bhagwat Sole, Sudhakar Bichali, Shruthi Rao, Shravan Reddy, Aruna Sahithi Reddy and our cute Princess Sara Iqbal Ali for making this trip a memorable one!

Dear Saurabh Chatterjee, Just to say an enormous thank you for organising the most amazing photo tour! It truly was one of the best in life time! even with that kind of start what i had, Everything went like clockwork,Thank you to all for making it such a memorable experience. We will definitely be going back and of course will be using your wonderful tips again, and will be recommending you to all our friends and colleagues. Thank you all again so very much for everything you did for us, your attention to detail and kindness is very much appreciated. Looking forward to the next one already!
Thanks Aparna Bhagwat Sole (Jhaad wala Apple), Swati Nighoskar Sara Iqbal Ali Shravan Reddy!!!! What a team!
———————————-SPITI ADVENTURES———————————

Thanks a lot to you Saurabh for making this trip where I found myself once again. You taught lot of things and motivated a lot for taking nice photos . learning from you when clicking was nice part practical part . You are nice photograpy teacher who motivates and teaches also . thanks to you for teaching not to try but do it.

Saurabh – Thanks for organising a fantastic tour of lahual and spiti valley! Everything was well organised, hence the tour went smooth and in a timely manner. Thanks for the amazing experience from this tour 🙂

Leaving Jaipur with all lovely memories. It was a fabulous trip with excellent learning. When I came i was bit nervous since i didnt know anyone but now I feel like having worlds gratest seven wonders. Thanks Ankith Saurabh Svati Renu Shailaja Madhavi and Puja. Missing you all.
Saurab you are one of the best teacher I ever had. Thanks for everything. And be assured I will be there on next trip.
Looking forward to see you all soon With lots of love…Mrunalini
Boarding flight for Pune …. Thank u so much guys for making this trip such a memorable and beautiful experience was lovely meeting all of you ll and learning and sharing so much with everybody …
Most of all Thank u saurav so much for being the best teacher I have had and feel privileged to learn so much from u …
This is my best tour soon far, and I really thank you ‪#‎Saurabh‬ Sir, for encouraging me and giving confidence and taking beautiful pictures and I am really blessed to have a Teacher like you. Thank You Soo Much Sir.
Sai Ankith Thota
Still Unable to believe myself that i was part of the trip, Blown away by the places i have seen and people i met Cant explain in words, Thank you very much Saurabh Chatterjee helped me learning a lot about travel Photography not just clicking, More than tat how to see a photo before even clicking it.. Thanks for answering all our questions … Also it wouldn’t be memorable without all others …had a great time

A Colorful Journey: Painting Collection Coming Soon
Traveling to Gujarat – Ahmadabad –Bhuj– Rann of Kutch– ya definitely was exciting.. to the places where i never imagined or dreamt…Putting Artistic Blend to the Story .. I wanted to Change the beautiful Photographs taken through out my journey into Hand-made Acrylic Paintings — Altogether My Paintings Gonna Speak the story which i experienced in the life’s and stories of the people i met… the places which fascinated me.
Will be Thankful To Saurabh Chatterjee and all my friends traveled with me made me understand how will be a travelers life would be.How to be a Good Traveler.
This time with the vedios of Making Painting would also be included
Best Trip of My Life.. the Mustard Fields made me scream like a mad girl… i still remember, the memories are still fresh ..
Geddam Jyoti

Saurabh Chatterjee – Guruji Wanted to thank you with this small Guru Dakshina. Thank you for showing me the beauty of clicking portraits and the magic of light. You got me addicted to clicking. It is a pleasure learning from you, you just didn’t teach me looking through a camera but, taught us to look at life around us before we click. Looking forward for more tours.
Shobna Narayana Rao

Had a wonderful time and great learning on this tour. I went to places where I wouldn’t have gone on my own and happy for it.
Thanks a ton. Please keep arranging these tours. Next to Cambodia:-)
Happy Shailaja

More reviews here –
Facebook Page
SIA Photography Website




Spiti Valley – September 27th to October 8th 2015


Ladakh – Zanskar Valley – 10th July 2015 to 19th July 15



Rajasthan – Jaisalmer Desert Festival – 1st to 8th February 15



Malana Chandrakhani Pass Trek – May 26th to 30th


Leh – Ladakh – July 10th to 19th 2014



Bhutan – October 11th to 18th



Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

If you want to join for any of my photo tours, please fill this form. I will keep you informed on my next trips.

You might like to read my blog on my previous trips.


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