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Why SIA?

SIA Photography is the only workshop that does not have an end time. We are always there to answer your questions, guide you and support you.

Facebook group – share your pictures and get feedback – the learning never stops!

Your learning never stops!


Duration – 1 full day classroom session and continuous feedback through our Facebook group.
Date – TBD

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FEEDBACK from Participants

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Who Should Attend?

YOU…if you have-

– little or no knowledge about photography and want to kick-start your passion

– basic knowledge and want to take to the next level

– a desire to be a part of a photography group and like going out taking pictures –

Prerequisites – Burning passion to take awesome pictures!
A camera is desirable. If you don’t one I can provide you with one during the session.


Cost per participant: Rs.3000/-  for one day of training and field trip (lunch not included).

Cost for 2 participants joining together in the same batch – Rs.5000/- (Rs.2500/- per participant)
Cost for 3 participants joining together in the same batch – Rs.6000/- (Rs.2000/- per participant)
Cost for 5 participants joining together in the same batch – Rs.9000/- (Rs.1800/- per participant)

You also get access to our private Facebook group where you receive feedback on how to improve.


Key Takeaways

– An in-depth understanding of the features of your camera and using it in the best possible way.

– Workshop Notes

– Participation Certificate

– A support for lifetime through the Facebook group

Topics Covered

What is Photography?
Camera Obscura – a demo
Types of Light and its effects
Parts of a Camera
Types of Cameras – which is the best?
Film Camera and Digital camera – A Comparision
What is SLR Camera? Point and Shoot Vs SLR camera
Camera Sensors – Why it matters?
How to Focus? Focusing modes in your camera, Manual focusing – when and how to use?
How to Hold your Camera?
The Right Exposure
Depth of Field and how to control it?
Aperture, Shutter and ISO
Creative modes of your camera
Exposure Triangle
Metering methodologies and Metering modes
Exposure Value / Exposure Compensation
White Balance
Tools for judging the Correct Exposure
Camera Modes Lenses – which one to buy?
Optical vs Digital Zoom
Choosing a Camera – Case Study Image
Editing – Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom
Image Viewing / Editing Softwares
Introduction to Lightroom / Photoshop editing
Organising Your Pictures
Composition Tips and Tricks
How to Take Great Pictures
Megapixel Myth
I can’t take good pictures – I don’t have a big camera
Genre of Photography
Qualities of a Photographer
Taking Care of your Camera


Advance payment is required; a/c details below –

ICICI Bank Name: Saurabh Kumar  a/c no: 059801505852  IFSC Code: ICIC0000598

Location: TBD


Q. I don’t know anything about Photography, I’m just a beginner. Will this course be helpful for me?
Ans. Absolutely, this course is for beginners. The course has been designed assuming that the participant has no knowledge / experience in photography.

Q. I don’t have a camera; can I still join the workshop?
Ans. Yes. Camera is not a must for the first session. For field trips, any camera will do. SLR cameras is available on rent if required. though.

Q. I don’t have an SLR camera; can I still join the workshop?
Ans. Yes. This this workshop is not only about SLR cameras. Its fine if you have a small Point and Shoot camera. What matters most is YOU – the person behind the camera and not the camera itself. However, if you need an SLR camera for the field trip, an SLR camera can be made available on rent if required.

Q. Can I learn Photography in just one day?
Ans. Yes, it is possible to learn the basic concepts them in one day. But, to practice and master them, you will need some practise. The theory session is just an introduction to the ocean where you are about to dive in. It will provide you enough knowledge to start. The practise sessions / field trips are the moments there you will actually gain hands-on experience and reinforce the learnings in the classroom session.

Q. What is the strength of the workshop?
Ans. To pay individual attention, the strength of the class is limited to 10 participants.

Feedback from previous Participants-

More feedbacks

My son Nikhil Kumar, in pursuit of his passion, attended his class on photography with SIA Photography Hyderabad and since then…his outlook seems to have changed completely…… Saurabh Chatterjee i can hear him repeating all that you must have taught today… thank you… this is what was perhaps missing…i am a happy mother today – Gayatri

Thanks Saurabh My son is really thrilled to have learnt some basics in Photography. He is so excited that he is saying that he has learnt so much that it is equal to BFA – He handles SLRs when he was in 6th std but this is the first time that he is exposed to some basics. He is too sharp and grasps everything at the first take especially anything creative and purposely I wanted him to know these things through somebody like you. With the very first class he is reciting many things and is keen to use these principles in his next photo shoot. Any how I feel knowing photography skills is as important as knowing driving two/four wheelers. I am sure he will know more by the end of your classes. Thans again – Chandrasekhar Singh (Sekhar anna) NGC international award winner

Thank you so much Saurabh for the wonderful session. It has in fact corrected me in so many places. I believe this session would really enhance my skills of taking better pictures. Thank you so much for being there, guiding and improving all of us with every field trip. Sandeep Agarwal   The course and panning  work shop  was simply great,  as it changed my outlook on photography  and also feel missed out when i see those photo walks you were doing  and hope i will join you all when i come back to india next. Vijay Kandimalla, Trinidad and Tobago

It was a great experience overall.. Got to know many things that previously i had no clue about. I will implement all things i got to learn from the workshop. Anand Joshi

When I was a kid i use to bunk my school and climb Birla Mandir on different occasions and use to feel “oh! I climb such a big mountain….” After I grow up and started exploring bigger peaks and conquered many of them I still treat myself as a learner and a longway to go…   Similar to my above experience my cam is 6 months old and I always keep the cam on full auto mode and used to shoot the pics and feel “oh! thats a nice shot….”   After attending the SIA Photography classes, now I feel I have a longway to go and train myself to take good pics under the training of my Guru Mr.Saurabh… Feel really great to be your student… -Ali Razvi (one of the prominent mountaineer from Hyderabad)

Saurabh is one of the greatest teachers i have met not only because of his knowledge that is plentiful in him but for the person he is he teaches with soo much patients and in such a easy way it becomes more fun and well he bonds with people very well and the relationship with him is long lasting what i mostly learned from him apart from photography is that we should make bonds and friends as we learn and he has made our group not like any other group he has tied us soo well with his love and patients and care that we are like a huge big family and well yes he does know alot …..i today am thankful and greatful to be under saurabh sir – Sahejit (a student)

I bought the DSLR in September and had been experimenting with it, however the basics were missing. The technique taught by you have opened a new avenue for me in photography.  The simplistic approach has been helpful  Personally, your down to earth attitude works wonders and you take good care of your students.  Here’s wishing you success for your future endeavours!   – Gaurav Chhabria

Had a great field trip on 10th, though it was my first, i enjoyed it, and learnt a lot, and am looking forward for many such field trips.  Its been 6 months since i started photography, like everyone else, i started learning photography through video tutorials and following few blogs. Though i understood the theory part, i was unable to link them(concepts on aperture ISO, shutter speed, exp compensation etc) practically. I spent many hours taking photos but i was never satisfied with them. I am very fortunate that i came across Your 5 hours theory  session was simple and perfectly organised, already suggested few of my friends to attend your sessions. Started clicking some decent photos, will be uploading them soon.. Thank you – Venkatesh

I have learnt photography from Saurabh in February this year and since then my passion and love for photography kept increasing. He is an awesome teacher and a great human being; a wonderful teacher who has loads of patience and a fantastic attitude which makes you listen to him, learn from him and if possible, become one like him. I am thankful for having found him as my teacher. I would definitely recommend Saurabh, highly – Sai (a student)

He is among one of the best teacher I met. His class was always the best – I felt most comfortable in the environment he set up. He was always so clear in his explanations and I could always understand what he was trying to get at.   He always practiced what he preached: his methods of teaching us demonstrated the desirable teaching methods for our use.  He remain vivid in the students’ memories forever because of his creativity teaching.   Great to have him in my life of learning. Anil Singanamala (a student)

Saurabh has been a great inspiration ever since I attended his workshop on Basics of Photography. An extremely approachable person and a great trainer.   About the workshop, full of great insights and clarified numerous doubts about photography. At the same time, cleared the cloud of many myths. Field trips have been a blessing. We not only learned finer skills, but also earned many friends.   Thank you so much for the learning opportunity. I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for some guidance in the area of photography. – Prabhat (a student)

My husband and I took Photography class with Saurabh C in June 2012. The fundamentals covered in simple language, tips and tricks shared in the class and on field trips have exposed me to how to take photographs better. Not just the technicalities of exposure, ISO and field of depth but importance of compositions, placement of subject and making photographs interesting/alive.  Through examples, personal or from experts in the field, Saurabh inspires his students. He encourages his students to upload their pictures in a private Facebook group and gives constructive feedback on how to improve. His passion for photography is infectious – you will want to take photos , try the tips and techniques you learn and share and get feedback. I have seen tremendous improvement in my and my husbands photographs from before and after the course. I highly recommend his in person or online course. You will not regret it at all. – Rutuja (a student)

It has been an amazing learning experience with Saurabh. Saurabh is someone who knows his subject well and also knows how to teach it in a very simple manner to clueless students like me. The learning is not just limited to classroom session, the regular field trips are an amazing way to continue learning. He is always available to answer any query that you may have. I think am very lucky to have found a trainer like Saurabh. – Aparna Harish (a student)

My 5 stars to Saurabh for teaching me photography. Perfect teacher!”   – Manisha (a student)

More feedbacks on our Facebook page

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