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Why SIA?

SIA Photography is the only workshop that does not have an end time. We are always there to answer your questions, guide you and support you.

 Facebook group – share your pictures and get feedback – the learning never stops!

Your learning never stops!


Duration – 1 full day classroom session and continuous feedback through our Facebook group.
Date – TDB

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Who Should Attend?

YOU…if you have-

– little or no knowledge about photography and want to kick-start your passion

– basic knowledge and want to take to the next level

– a desire to be a part of a photography group and like going out taking pictures –

Prerequisites – Burning passion to take awesome pictures!
A camera is desirable. If you don’t one I can provide you with one.

Cost per participant: Rs.3000/- for one day of training and field trip (lunch not included).


Cost for 2 participants joining together in the same batch – Rs.5000/-
Cost for 3 participants joining together in the same batch – Rs.6000/-
Cost for 5 participants joining together in the same batch – Rs.9000/-


Key Takeaways

– An in-depth understanding of the features of your camera and using it in the best possible way.

– Workshop Notes

– Participation Certificate

– A support for lifetime through the Facebook group

Topics Covered

What is Photography?
Camera Obscura – a demo
Types of Light and its effects
Parts of a Camera
Types of Cameras – which is the best?
Film Camera and Digital camera – A Comparision
What is SLR Camera? Point and Shoot Vs SLR camera
Camera Sensors – Why it matters?
How to Focus? Focusing modes in your camera, Manual focusing – when and how to use?
How to Hold your Camera?
The Right Exposure
Depth of Field and how to control it?
Aperture, Shutter and ISO
Creative modes of your camera
Exposure Triangle
Metering methodologies and Metering modes
Exposure Value / Exposure Compensation
White Balance
Tools for judging the Correct Exposure
Camera Modes Lenses – which one to buy?
Optical vs Digital Zoom
Choosing a Camera – Case Study Image
Editing – Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom
Image Viewing / Editing Softwares
Introduction to Lightroom / Photoshop editing
Organising Your Pictures
Composition Tips and Tricks
How to Take Great Pictures
Megapixel Myth
I can’t take good pictures – I don’t have a big camera
Genre of Photography
Qualities of a Photographer
Taking Care of your Camera


Dates: Please fill this form and I will get back to you 


Advance payment is required; a/c details below –
ICICI Bank Name: Saurabh Kumar  a/c no: 059801505852  IFSC Code: ICIC0000598

Cell: +918008633354



Q. I don’t know anything about Photography, I’m just a beginner. Will this course be helpful for me?
Ans. Absolutely, this course is for beginners. The course has been designed assuming that the participant has no knowledge / experience in photography.

Q. I don’t have a camera; can I still join the workshop?
Ans. Yes. Camera is not a must for the first session. For field trips, any camera will do. SLR cameras is available on rent if required. though.

Q. I don’t have an SLR camera; can I still join the workshop?
Ans. Yes. This this workshop is not only about SLR cameras. Its fine if you have a small Point and Shoot camera. What matters most is YOU – the person behind the camera and not the camera itself. However, if you need an SLR camera for the field trip, an SLR camera can be made available on rent if required.

Q. Can I learn Photography in just one day?
Ans. Yes, it is possible to learn the basic concepts them in one day. But, to practice and master them, you will need some practise. The theory session is just an introduction to the ocean where you are about to dive in. It will provide you enough knowledge to start. The practise sessions / field trips are the moments there you will actually gain hands-on experience and reinforce the learnings in the classroom session.

Q. What is the strength of the workshop?
Ans. To pay individual attention, the strength of the class is limited to 10 participants.

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