Studio Lighting and Portrait Photography Workshop

Studio Lighting and Portrait Photography

Cost Rs.3000/- Payment has to be made in advance.

This session will be helpful for all who want to learn about Studio lighting and Portrait photography.

If you join the session, you will also get an opportunity to see his museum of old Nikon cameras.

A portrait is an “artistic representation” of a person. Millions of photographs of people are taken every day. However, only a very small fraction of them can really have an element of art in it and hence would qualify as a portrait. The rest are simply snap shots. The aim of this workshop is to introduce the basic concepts of portraiture including lighting and composition followed by a demonstration. There will also be a hands on session to enable the participants to create a portrait.

Workshop content

Types Portraits

Lighting for portraits
Rembrandt lighting
Broad lighting
Short lighting
Butterfly lighting

Type of lights
Main light
Fill light
Hair light

Positioning of lights for portraits
Positioning of camera for portraits
Recommended camera settings for portraits
Physical features of subject and remedies

Doing a portrait

Each of you will be doing a portrait

Pre-requites for Workshop
You need to have a DSLR or a Mirror less camera with a knowledge of the following:
Exposure, effect of shutter speed, aperture and ISO
White balance
Triggering flash

Note: The lighting effects will be shown using a mannequin 🙂

What you need to bring:
Your camera
Tripod (if you have one)
Camera user manual
Most important, your interest

About the instructor


To join the workshop – Please fill this form and I will get back to you



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  5. I wish to join this workshop

  6. if you planning to conduct this workshop next time pls let me know. last time i missed it.

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