Anthasthula Bavi- Neglected Archaeological Masterwork

Anthasthula Bavi – the first time I heard about this place was from Dr. Prakash Row, a Photography enthusiast and well known ophthalmologist in Hyderabad. I was travelling when I saw this but was determined to visit this place soon. I came back and fixed a date and off we went for a trip to this place. Summer heat was at its peak but that did not stop us. We started early morning at 5am on a Sunday.

It’s been a couple of years I had been to Warangal. The last time I went was during my bike trip to Palampet and Etunagaram.

A little beyond Aler (famous for the Kolanupaka Jain Temple), we felt very hungry. We stopped at a small road-side hotel for tea and breakfast. Steaming idlis were being taken out of the cooker. I somehow prefer these places to eat rather than going to bigger hotels. The taste looks very authentic and home-made.

At about 830am, we reached the spot. The place is kind of hidden and not many people know about it. With the help of a person, we were able to reach the place.


The first look was disappointing. It looked more like a dustbin. There were stairs to go down inside. As we took a walk inside, we were able to understand the marvel that it was. The walls inside and the ceilings had beautiful carvings. It is amazing how the well is full with water in the driest season -a true architectural genius. The local residents say that they don’t find water even if they drill 300 feet deep.






Also known as Anthasthula Bavi and Metla Bavi, this is believed to be the place where Rani Rudramadevi used to take bath. She was one of the most revered rulers of the Kakatiya Dynasty. There is a belief that the well is connected to the fort by an underground tunnel. There was no security guard there; no one to take care of this heritage. It looked like a place to hang out and drink for the local culprits. Lots of empty liquor bottles were lying around.



Fortunately, we came to know that after decades being overlooked, the district administration has decided to revive the stepwell to its full glory. Funds have been allocated and the restoration will begin soon. I am hopeful that it will be one of the must-see places in Warangal soon.



Nearby places: Warangal fort and the Thousand Pillar temple is nearby
Where to stay: Warangal has a lot of options to stay. This place can also be covered as a day trip from Hyderabad.
What to wear: During summers, Warangal is quite hot, comfortable cottons are advised. Do carry a hat.
How to go: Warangal is well connected by road and railways. There are plenty of trains and buses. We started by car at 5am and were back to Hyderabad by 4pm.


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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