Dichpally- Known for an Ancient Temple of Nizamabad

Dichpally Ramalayam – An Ancient Temple of Nizamabad

It was another long weekend. This time we wanted to take the path less travelled. We planned a trip to make the most of our 3 days travelling around Telangana.

We started from Hyderabad very early morning by our bike. Our first stop was majestic Church of Medak. We spend some time there relishing the glass painting on the walls.

It was time for some breakfast. There are some eateries serving decent food in Medak.

Our next stop was Pocharam. This place particularly in winter is teeming with activities. Our winged visitors come here every year from as far as Siberia. Some of the species found here are – painted storks, herons, coots, cormorants, back and white Ibises, etc. Its a must visit place for birding enthusiasts.

Then we turned to NH7 and continued straight to Dichpalli. The road is great. We covered the distance of about 110kms in a little more than two hours.


Its a small town with traditional houses and is famous for the Ramalayam.

We spend some time walking through the lanes. I particularly liked the beautifully carved and painted doors. One of the house owner asked me why i was taking pictures and I explained how I had been travelling across India, trying to travel and capture the beauty of India. He was kind enough to offer a cup of tea.


We walked up the hillock by a quick flight of 105 steps where the temple was located. It was a really small one compared to most of the temples but definitely a beautiful one. The breeze a
the top of the hill was soothing and took our tiredness away.


History –
Built in the 14th century by the Kakatiya Dynasty, the Dichpally Ramalayam is one of the oldest temples in Nizamabad. It is dedicated to Lord Rama, the incarnation of Vishnu. It is referred to as Indhoor Khajuraho (Khajuraho of Nizamabad).

The material used to build the temple is Basalt stone. The temple is decorated with figures from the Hindu religious texts – goddesses, devils and some erotic structures similar to the ones in Khajuraho.


Strangely, the temple was incomplete as there was no idol inside the garbha griha. Hence, no worship used to be performed. In 1949, a villager – Gajawada Chinnaiah Gupta gifted the place with idols of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana.


The temple is build inside the walls of a fort, hence also called Khilla Ramalayam.

The temple attracts a lot of devotees especially during Ramanavami, the birthday of Lord Rama.

How to go? : Located at a distance of 27 Kms from Nizamabad and 170 kms from Hyderabad on the National Highway 7.
It can be covered in a days trip from Hyderabad. There are accommodation of all types available at Nizamabad.

Travel Tips:
Spend some time gazing at the town from the top, it’s breezy and provides a great view.
Explore the village, it’s quite interesting walking in the lanes.

Places to see around:
Nirmal is another 67kms and is famous for the wooden toys and the world famous Nirmal paintings. There are also some waterfalls, forts and temples around Nirmal.


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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