Gangapuram Temple near Mahabubnagar

Gangapur or Gangapuram – never heard of the place!

We were coming back to Hyderabad from our trip to some villages around Mahabubnagar and happened to pass by Jadcherla. Raju, my photography student and good friend who organised the tour for us asked if we would like to go to this temple. Since we had time and I said – why not?

It took us about half an hour to reach the place from Jadcherla. The drive was through fields on both sides though most parts were empty as the harvest season was over. Frankly speaking, I did not have much expectation about the place.

We first went to Raju’s maternal uncle’s place who was a priest in the temple (incidentally his name is also Raju), its quite a common name here. After having a refreshing glass of earthen pot water, we went to the temple.


It was quite an old temple with beautiful carvings all around. In fact, later we came to know that it was constructed a hundred years before the Chennakesava temple in Belur and is made in Kalyani Chalukyan style of architecture. Some of the architecture has striking similarity with this temple.



This place was an important religious centre during the reign of the Kalyani Chalukyan. The oldest inscriptions found in the temple are of Vikramaditya VI dates back to 1091 AD. Apart from the main temple of Kesavaswami there are other small temple in the corners. These are mostly in ruins. The temple has entrance in all the four cardinal directions.





There is a ruined tank at the complex. It was quite deep with numerous stairs. We were there just on time for the arathi. After watching it for some time, we went out to circumambulate the temple. The stone flooring was burning, but thanks to the temple authorities, there were carpets.





There were a lot of people coming from nearby villages. They cook their food outside the temple using wood and earthen pots and have the prasadam there. The temple had an earthen boundary with bastions like a fort of which not much remains.






How to reach
Gangapur or Gangapuram is a village situated in Mahabubnagar District, about 5 km from the Jadcherla Railway station. There are plenty of trains from Hyderabad to Jadcherla. The best way is to drive there, the highway is excellent. The temple is about a 100 kms from Hyderabad.

Nearby places: Mahabubnagar is quite close, you might like to visit Pillalamarri, the banyan tree which is one of the oldest in India.
Where to stay: Since it’s very near from Hyderabad, can be done in a day’s trip.
What to wear: Comfortable cottons as it can be hot. Slippers will be good as you have to take of your shoes at the temple.

Start early, it can get really hot later.
Spend some time watching the activities in the temple.


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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