Nubra Valley, Leh Ladakh – Mountains, Deserts and the Monastery

This is my second post on the same place. You can read the first one here.

One thing I always wonder, no matter how many times I go this place, I see something different and more magical. You can try comparing it with my first visit.

We reached the place in the afternoon and it was getting overcast. I was getting a bit disappointed, but as they say – every cloud has a silver lining and ours was here with bonus – double rainbows! This was the first time I witnessed something like this.



While we all excited to shoot the rainbows, there was something else even more beautiful that caught my attention – a band of clouds were shifting to over the monastery and the Buddha and stayed there for sometime. Nature has unlimited beauty and we were able to see an iota of it.




The textures on the mountains was something different.


Most of our friends took a camel ride while I spent time watching and photographing them.


These are Bactrian camels  (Camelus bactrianus) or the two humped camels.

These are very rare unfortunately find mention in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They have a characteristic two humps. With their adaptability to harsh climatic conditions and a comfortable seat for the humans, they were the preferred mode of transport since ages along the Silk Route.




We spent the night trying some low light pictures around our resort.


We got up early morning to go to the dunes once again. By the time we reached there, it started raining again. We found a small shelter and watched this heavenly view from there. 


Some apricots at the resort where we stayed.


Lavender flowers growing on the way.


We headed to Diskit Monastery. The clouds had descended quite close and looked heavenly over the Buddha’s head.



Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with a post on Diskit Monastery soon. 

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