Palampet- Ramappa Temple

Want an action packed weekend? Try Palampet

Palampet was in my list of must visit places since quite some time. The beauty about the place is that it has a bit of everything that we travellers would possibly expect. From old temples with awe-inspiring architecture to diverse wildlife, a trip to Palampet has it all.

This serene village is beautiful drive from Hyderabad, it is convenient make a weekend trip to the place without extensive planning.

We started our journey from Hyderabad on a Saturday morning and reached Warangal in about 3 hours. We spent the whole day exploring the places in Warangal. Spending some time in Warangal is well worth it. The 1000 pillar temple, the Bhadrakali temple, Warangal fort are some of the places to see. You can also stop by the majestic Bhongir fort for tea. The 2000 year old Jain temple at Kolanupaka which is made of white marble with intricate carvings on the walls and ceiling is also on the way after a small detour.




We stayed overnight in Warangal. Next morning, we started early by about 5 am. It took us about 2 hours to reach Palampet after the frequent stops for taking pictures and for tea.

The main attraction of the place is the Ramappa temple. Built in 1213 A.D. by the Kakatiya dynasty, this is the only temple known to be named after its head sculptor – Ramappa. It is a star shaped temple with two more sub-shrines on both sides. . The temple boasts a massive 9 feet high monolithic Nandi facing the Shiva lingam of the main temple.



Since we were early, we were the only visitors to the temple. We had a great time going around the temple observing the details on the sculptures peacefully. The columns of the temple are exquisitely carved depicting various gods and goddesses from the Indian mythology. The ceiling was made in form of a huge lotus with carved petals. The intricacies of the carvings and sculptures are testimonies of the artistic dexterity of the era. There are also statues of dancing women wearing high heels.




Later, the temple priest came and started his morning rituals. Watching the priest performing aarthi was an enlightening experience.

Situated amid lush green fields, it’s a marvel for the eyes.

Apart from the temple, there is a lot more. Ramappa lake is in close vicinity to the temple. It a great place to sit and relax and boat.



The Ghanapur group of temples, comprising of 22 temples constructed within a double walled stone enclosure is also nearby. People keen on more adventure can go further to Laknavaram lake and group of islands where the APTDC has constructed a hanging bridge and is all set to make it an Eco-tourist destination in the middle of dense forests. Further ahead is the Etunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary which has diverse wildlife flourishing.


With so much to see, a trip to Palampet is a great recipe for action packed weekend.

How to go – Warangal is 140 kms from Hyderabad and Palampet is another 70 kms. The most convenient way to go is by car. Warangal is very well connected by train and buses. There are infrequent buses to Palampet from Hanmakonda.
Eat – Famous for its spicy food, naatu kodi (country chicken) with jowar rotis is a must have. Chepala pulusu is another popular dish.
Stay – Warangal is the only place where you can find decent accommodation.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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