Paro, Bhutan – The Magical City

Paro was one of the most magical places we visited during our Photo tour to Bhutan. It is also the most important city in terms of international connectivity – Paro has the only international airport in Bhutan.

There are lots of monasteries, the most noted one is the Taktsang  Monastery or the Tiger’s Nest. I will write a separate post on that sometime soon.

As we entered the city, we were a life-size poster of the king (with a shade). The king and the queen is revered to as gods. Every house, hotel or restaurant has a picture of them. When we went, it was the day of their 1st anniversary and they were showing the recording of the wedding ceremonies on the national television.


This majestic gateway is the entry to Paro Dzonkhag (district).



The landscape of Paro is filled with rice fields and the mountains.


The Bhutan government is very keen to preserve the culture of the place. Every piece of architecture should reflect the Bhutanese culture; this is mandatory. We saw some modern apartments, but they also look similar to the old houses with beautifully painted and carved windows.




The Paro Dzong is one of the most beautiful and majestic building in Paro. Read about it here.





The main road in Paro has lots of shops selling souvenirs.







These are traditional Bhunese design fabrics which is used to make Kira, the traditional attire of the Bhutanese ladies.

So, after we did our purchases, one of us happened to ask – are they made locally? Would you believe the answer? They are manufactured in Ludhiana, Punjab 🙂



We spent quite some time buying fabrics from this shop. While the ladies were shopping, I was taking pictures of this old lady who happened to be the mother in law of the shop owner. She came to Paro on a visit from the village. She was smoking a traditional cigar but she was quick enough to remove before I could take a picture.


The Paro dzong dominates the skyline of the place. It is well lit at night.


As we were driving back to our hotel dead tired, we found an excellent vantage point to take a shot of the dzong.



The Druk Air airplane Landing at Paro airport


The Paro Chhu (river)


It was the time of harvesting and the farmers were busy.



A monk in Paro

Bhutan Monk


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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  1. Superb!! Just in March I have visited Bhutan…..good to relive those moments thr your photographs!!

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