Pillalamarri- Antique Banyan Tree

After a hectic week, I wanted a quick break, a long drive that’s not too long and still something interesting. We zeroed down to Pillalamarri.

I was always fascinated by old banyan trees with jutting down prop roots. The first image that comes to my mind is that of the Buddha meditating under one.

Pillalamarri is a 700 year old banyan tree located in Mahabubnagar. Being only 90 kilometers from Hyderabad a great weekend break with a short drive.

This amazing to see how the tree has flourished over centuries. With the original trunk like the mother and the several prop roots coming out of it, like children, hence the name. No wonder, its called the living legend of the district.


As the park opens at 9 am, we started at about 630 in the morning. The weather was perfect. We witnessed another rising sun, which most of the city people miss to see, with our hectic schedule. We took frequent breaks for taking pictures and one for tea.

As we were going through the road approaching the tree, we saw that the whole road was covered with corn kept for drying. I had to meticulously maneuver the bike to avoid the corns.


Being only 3 kilometers from Mahboobnagar, its the place for a weekend break for the locals. The parents with kids have already started coming in, some with big lunch boxes for the whole family. The low lying branches provides good opportunity for the kids to jump around them adventurously while the parents sit under the shade and get some time to chat on the frivolous topics.


Apart from the banyan tree, there is also an 16th century Srirajajeshwara Temple dedicated to Shiva. This temple’s Garbhalaya and arthamandapa was built of white granite and the mahamandapa of black granite. Kudos to the Archaeological Survey of India for relocating the temple to its pristine glory. It was originally located somewhere in the Mehboobnagar district. Due to submergence under water of Srisailam reservoir, it was shifted in 1981 and reconstructed two years later with modern foundations.

There is also a small deer park and a mini zoo.

The Archeological museum set up by the tourism department has may statues and sculptures found nearby.



How to Reach
Pillalamarri can be reached by road, at a distance of 6 km from Mahabubnagar town. Mahabubnagar can be reached by road and rail from Hyderabad, nearly 100 km away.
There are some decent eateries in Mahabubnagar town.

What to buy
Tourists can buy locally grown fruits, few handicrafts and some of the rural (home made) coffees and snacks here.

Where to stay
Since its only a hundred kilometers from Hyderabad, its better to come back in a day trip.


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked spending time here. I will be back again with another interesting place.

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