Rann of Kutch, Bhuj by Bike – Saurabh Chatterjee

During my bike trip around Gujarat, this was day I was eagerly waiting for – when I would witness the out-of-the-world – Rann of Kutch.

The day started early with a heavy dose of freshly fried Jalebi and Phaphra, which is like the idli-dosa-sambhar in South India. For those who are wondering – “is this a heavy breakfast?”, this is the first installment 🙂
It was awesome.


In front of me was a board which gave me the distance of the places that I’m going to cover.


The landscape was mostly barren and dry. There was a small water body on the way and I decided to take a break there. I could see a flock of pelicans not far away.



Far away from the main road there a gang of buffaloes. I was wondering where they go for grazing since I could hardly see any vegetation.


Since the land is barren, the only livelihood for most of the inhabitants are cattle rearing. Milk is sold in the city of Bhuj.


The metalled road ended in a village named Dhordo village and beyond that is what you see in the picture. Vast stretch of flat sand with a trail left behind, by the vehicles.



Once in a while, a vehicle passed by. This white ambassador caught my attention leaving behind a storm of dust.

En Route to White Rann

After passing the BSF checkpost, I finally reached my destination. I couldn’t believe what my eyes could see. To me, it looked like a layer of snow over the ground – blinding white. There was hardly anyone there. One camel was taking people for rides.



Vehicles are not allowed beyond a certain point to keep the place intact. I spent about half an hour there watching the camel and feeling the white sand. Hyderabad, Pakistan was much closer to Hyderabad, Telengana from where I was standing.


These are the tents being prepared for the Rann Utsav.


While returning back, I stopped for sometime at Dhordo village resort. This is the only permanent accommodation in this area. It is managed under the gram panchayat of Dhordo village of Banni in Kutch.


The rooms are made similar to Kutchi bhungas (traditional huts) with exquisitely crafted interiors decorated with traditional cloth patch works and local paintings on wall.




At the lobby.


It was time to go back to Bhuj. I passed these ladies carrying water to their villages. Water is available nearby but these villagers walk and extra mile to get sweet water.


The setting sun looked beautiful, I paused for sometime gazing at it.


Closeby, there was a water body where pelicans were enjoying the serene evening.


I returned back to Bhuj. Nothing was more pleasing than a typical Kutchi dinner.



The Rann of Kutch is located in the Thar Desert in Gujarat. The area is also spread across the Sindh province in Pakistan.
The word Rann means “salt marsh”. The marsh covers a huge area of around 10,000 square miles and is located between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River in southern Pakistan.
To the northeast corner of the Rann of Kutch lies the Luni River, originating in Rajasthan.

There are lots of movies songs being shot there. Some of the movies are Refugee, Magadheera, Dookudu, Commando, etc. The list is long.

How to go – You can hire a taxi from Bhuj to go around. There are very limited public transport.
When to go – The best time to go is October to February when the temperature is cool.

A full-moon night at the Rann is an unforgettable experience.

Thanksgiving –

Visiting around Kutch would have been impossible without help of my friend Linesh Shah who was kind enough to lend me his bike. Thank you so much Linesh. I owe this post to you.

Thank you all for reading this post.  I will soon be back with another interesting place. You might like to read my previous posts.


This post is written by Saurabh Chatterjee. He is a travel photographer and a photographer trainer. He strives to ‘make every camera-owner a great photographer through his Photography workshops and Photo Tours.


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