Sadar Festival

Sadar festival is a buffalo carnival celebrated by the Yadav community every year in Hyderabad. It is celebrated on the second day after Diwali. It is also called as Dunnapothula Panduga. The owners beautifully decorate their buffaloes with painted horns, garlands with colorful flowers, bells and beads tingling, kumkum bindi on forehead and parade them through the streets. They are often followed by the crowd to the sounds of the drums. The owners make the buffaloes to stand up on their hind legs.

In 1946, it was started by late Sri Salandri Nyayam Chowdhary Malliaha yadav and now his sons are continuing this tradition. The buffalo is selected by the male head of the Yadav family to show during the festival. Prizes are given to the best decorated buffaloes and for their acrobatics. Its a great honour for the family when the buffalo is rewarded. Swordsmanship and dances are also organized by the local communities. Since Sadar Festival is a unique festival in and around Hyderabad not only the Yadav community participate but also other community people attend. It is considered as a symbol for bringing people together.

Sadar word means main. The main event takes place at Narayanguda YMCA which is the biggest gathering of all in Hyderabad. It is also famous around neighbouring places in Telangana state.
















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