Do you want to take

AWESOME pictures?

Most people cannot...

They face these common issues.

▶️ The results are different from what you actually see.

▶️ ​Pictures are not sharp in focus

▶️ Bad Lighting

▶️ Wrong Angles and framing

▶️ ​Hardly editing or editing too hard

▶️ ​Your pictures don't have the WOW factor

▶️ ​Lack a purpose or vision

Are you one of them?

If yes, join me for this 5 days action-oriented course.

You will definitely be able to take some great pictures by the end of the session.

I believe, that ANYONE can take a great picture if you know the 3 Secrets.

Yes, if a person with an average IQ like me can do it, anyone can.

I'm also going to prove that


to take great pictures. You can do a lot with your phone camera.

Imagine how you would feel when your friends say "AWESOME!" about your pictures.


▶️ Make your DREAM COME TRUE! Your dream to take great pictures, you know how to do it.

▶️ Just 5 Days at your convenient time. The recording will be provided!


If you don't get benefited at all, you can take your money back.

🎯 Just by shifting your focus to the 3 Step Method, you will be able to awesome pictures from Day 1

🎯 If you are passionate about photography and an action taker and want to be known as a PRO

🎯 Transforming from an average shooter to an awesome photographer will be the most fulfilling moment in your life and it is just 5 days away.


If you don't find any improvement, you can take your money back. No questions asked.



➡️ Day 1 - The Three Secrets

➡️ Day 2 - Capturing Moments

➡️ Day 3 - How to tell stories with your pictures

➡️ Day 4 - How to Take a WOW Picture, How to shoot portraits, landscapes, architecture, wildlife

➡️ Day 5 - Review of Pictures will happen online

🎯 Exercises and assignments will be given to be completed on each day.

🎯 You will receive a Certificate of Completion for completing the assignments.

How to Get Started?

You can get started immediately!

The sessions are pre-recorded.

After completing these sessions and completing the assignments, there will be a LIVE review session where I will answer your questions and give feedback on your pictures and suggest what to do next.

🙋‍♂️ About your Trainer Saurabh Chatterjee

▶️▶️ Saurabh's dream is to SEE INDIA and to make every CAMERA- OWNER a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER.

▶️▶️ Since 2011, he has trained more than 6000 people across the globe through his Photography Workshops, Photowalks and Photo-tours, and online sessions.

▶️▶️ Saurabh was featured in The Economist (UK), The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Deccan Chronicle, etc.

▶️▶️ 600+ of his pictures published in National Geographic Traveller India, Lonely Planet, Timeout Explorer (UK), The Times (London, UK), The National (Dubai), etc. He has written over 200 travel articles for various magazines and newspapers.

▶️▶️ ​Nomination - Top 10 Most Influential People in Photography by Asian Photography magazine in 2018.

▶️▶️ ​Honorary Fellow ICS (HON.FICS) by Image Colleague Society, International USA July 2020


When can I get started?

Immediately. After you make the payment, you will be sent the login details. The review session will happen on a date and time which will be informed to you..

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to take better pictures with their phone camera or DSLR. Since everyone has a phone camera now and we all use it, this course is relevant for EVERYONE.

I'm not a tech-savvy person, will I be able to understand?

If you can operate your smartphone, you will be able to do well.

Can I Use a Mobile Phone Camera for the class?

Any camera is fine - Mobile or DSLR

What is the Age Group to join?

7 years to 80 years, people of all age groups can participate.

What if I miss one session?

The recording will be made available. However, I would highly recommend that you join the live class, it is always more effective.

What if I miss the whole week?

You will be informed about the next batch dates and you can join.

Can I shoot in Manual Mode after doing this course?

First, it's a MYTH that all professional photographers use the Manual mode. If you are beginning, first learn to SEE.
This course does not cover shooting in the Manual Mode, but teaches you something much more important - LEARNING to SEE! If you are not able to see, no Manual mode can help. Understanding the artistic aspect is the first step. Controlling the camera is the next.

Is editing covered in this course?

Yes, we will cover editing as well. I will do a LIVE DEMO on I edited the pictures used in the class.

Are you kidding me - 5 days can make me a PRO?

Well, it takes decades of practice to master the art, but in 5 days you will definitely be able to identify YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS - what to shoot and how to do it. You will surely get the direction of your Photography journey. If you are disappointed with your pictures, you will understand what to correct.

Cost Rs.2250/- Join this course TODAY!

This will be the best decision of your life, I promise.

Feedback from the Previous Participants

▶️ Great workshop. Cleared all basics of phone photography, many myths busted, many concepts cleared. I am amazed at how the quality of my photos upgraded within a week. The BEHIND THE SCENES sessions literally took me inside the mind of one of the best photographers of India. I'm definitely taking up advanced courses with Ssaurabh. Thanks for this class!

▶️ I did an online basic photography with sir recently. And I saw a huge difference in my approach of taking pictures right after attending 2-3 classes. That was super helpful. Also the way sir reviewed all of our pictures that we used to send him and tell us what he would have done with the picture and how it could be better. Not to forget the things I learned from all others who were attending the class with me. It helped me learned so many new approaches and how to look at things differently. Thank you sir for the class and I would definitely join more advanced courses in the future whenever I am free and ready to learn more.

▶️An excellent course for all photography enthusiasts! Saurabh is a master photographer and and he poured his past and recent learnings of this art form into the five day course. I joined the course with three of my friends and we have all come out armed with inspiration, awareness, new skills and many simple usable tools.

▶️ This is the first time I learnt more about photography on a mobile. The sessions were around reviewing photographs , understanding nuances of photographs and using snapseed. It involved sharing your photos which makes the theory and then later practical session translate into a better understanding. My journey with Saurabh started in 2018 when I just signed up as reading books on how to do photography became too much for me to digest and more importantly learning to apply it practically. His teaching is simple and practical. His photo walks were a best way to apply that knowledge. In the pandemic ,we are learning online trying to do best we can and this session has taken me to a new area of using a phone to do photography- using gridlines etc which I was not aware of. My learning still continues as it stops in between due to work but with Saurabh I keep getting the inputs and a true guide in this vast field of photography.

▶️ I'm an old student of Saurabh and because of him I'm into wildlife photography. Saurabh is one-of-his kind with indepth knowledge about photography. Recently my wife and daughter joined his 5-day mobile photography course and they're so excited about their newly acquired knowledge about photography. All thanks Saurabh. If you want to get into photography or enhance your knowledge about the same, Saurabh is the man!

▶️ Hi Ssaurabh This is one of the best online courses that I have ever attended.. Thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions.. I have started seeing photos differently.. There's awareness now at every step.. before shooting and also while shooting.. The assignment where you made us caption the pictures was another highlight.. which made us think even after shooting.. What a perfect way to make us Mindful.. Thank you soo much for sharing such great insights.. I recognize all the efforts you took in recording and creating the content and then sharing the screen.. Perfectly simplified.. I can sum it by saying.. the intent and the content was straight from the heart..Immense Gratitude..

▶️ Joined the 5 day class on Mobile phone photography, and what a revelation it has been. Most of us buy high end smart phones but rarely do we get into understanding what it can deliver, which is very similar to a camera! Saurabh simplifies the technical aspects which are strongly supported by his easy to understand videos, which make the learning simple. Look forward to doing more courses with him to understand, and walk this new world of photography.

▶️ Because of this 5 days mobile photography class, I learned how to compose pictures even beautifully and learned how to with my phone with snapseed and the important thing I leaned is managing targeted time. Thanks brother! I definitely want to recommend this class to my friends too. I'm looking forward to do more advanced classes. I wanna learn more about dslr photography too 🙏🏻

▶️ Learnt a lot about composing and editing on mobile phone! Would definitely recommend your class to my friends! Really keen also to do an offline class with my dslr for landscapes and monuments!

▶️ To be frank before starting this course I was less interested in taking photos. But I was always amaze how others take better pictures from mobile. 😃 Aftet doing this course I too got confidence that I too can take better picture. Here are some examples after training. 😊

▶️ Thanks, Saurabh for explaining n showing all the tricks.

▶️ It's a great opportunity to learn how to take beautiful pictures without DSLR, and take great pictures with mobile camera in a simple way shoot like PRO. I definitely recommend SIA for my friends family members, my heartful thanks to Saurabh sir for giving this opportunity to us. And the story of every photo. The way of capturing, light, editing. Thank u Sir.

▶️ Keep making us inspired sir , I am very much delighted with ur work. And I am happy that i learned new things from you. I'll suggest ur class to other friends too . ♥️

▶️ It was an insightful sessions covering very basic photography skills. Learnt a lot of details and different ways to look at thing while taking a photograph. A slight change of angle, light and for that matter black and white images.. Thank so Saurabh sir for all the 5 days you spent on reviewing our images and also teaching us.. 🙏🏻

▶️ I'm so glad I signed up for the 5-Day Photography Course by Saurabh. The objective to get our basics right and to show what wonders we can do just with our phones was the highlight of this course.

▶️ To me, these five days have broadened my perspectives and have taught me to see the mundane in a new light!

▶️ I only wish I had attended this course much before. But like they say, just as it's never too early, it's never too late! Thank you, Saurabh. :)

▶️ Thank you very much Sir🙏 Sorry I couldn't attend all sessions but whichever I attended that was very amazing and in detail.

▶️ You taught and explained very well. Thank you once again🙏

▶️ Thanks, Saurabh sir for your detailed explanation with your own examples. Each and everyone has participated with a lot of enthusiasm and shared their photos with the group. A lot to learn from my fellow group members as well 👏🏻👏🏻

▶️ Definitely recommend the course to my friends. First of all, let my pictures create interest in them.

▶️ Thank you sir for teaching us how to photo and thank you for teaching us the technics in photography.

▶️ Thank you, Saurabh, for conducting the workshop and being a passionate teacher to share his knowledge globally. Have been looking for such insightful sessions on photography. Though was not able to attend all of them but I will definitely go through recordings and make sure I work on skills taught. Changing grid, focus, and so on, very basic technique yet help to capture beautiful pictures. You are doing a great job!🙌 More power and good luck to you💪🏻

▶️ Thank u for the wonderful class. Learnt a lot

▶️ Often when I see beautiful photos I'm always intrigued about how they must've been captured. It was through this course I understood the secrets of it. One of the most important takeaways for me through this course was the importance of post-processing a photo. My approach towards editing has completely changed after I realised how necessary it is to the process. I'd also want to appreciate the effort taken in explaining the entire process of capturing a photo in detail starting from the basics like how to hold your camera correctly to the edit. Thank you for sharing all the knowledge so candidly.

▶️ I loved it, had been really inspired by you work since 2016, to learn your perspective on seeing things before taking a shot is remarkable.

▶️ Hi Sir, Thank you, and had a great time learning about photography. i am new to photography and learnt a lot.

▶️ Thank you so much for the time and explaining the basics showing practical. I will ensure that I put all the knowledge into future photographs. Thanks again for the time and knowledge sharing 🙏🙏

▶️ Now I know some of the secret ingredients in the amazing shots that Saurabh captures in his photography! ;-) The expert inputs around the rules and tips for better visualizing, capturing, and editing the photos are very valuable and should be known to anyone who likes to click photos. Sir really pushed every participant to do the assignments and this coupled with his thorough feedback on the clicked pics will enable us all to click better pictures going forward. Thanks a ton again!! Looking forward to further learnings and growth in photography with you 😊

▶️ Saurabh Sir This course is a lot for us to real perspective about the picture its imagination, contains, angle, light, way to shoot. It gives us totally new perception to look at the picture. Thank you very much.

▶️ Best part of this course was more practical knowledge shared than theory.

▶️ Every minute was interesting and time well spent 👍

▶️ Also not to forget the way sir went through all our pictures sent in the group explaining how and what could be changed and redone was very helpful too.

▶️ I liked the first three sessions very much. I realised how gross I had been. 99% of them taken using a mobile.

▶️ Thank you very much for your excellent class.i liked the reviews of each and every picture you went through and learnt many tip of photography and editing

▶️ It was a wonderful learning sir. This changed my perspective of capturing a photo. This course has taught me different techniques to capture that perfect moment more effectively.

▶️ Thank you sir.. I really had high expectations with this course and it has actually met with my expectations...positioning of mine not very well but now I can truly say that after this I can click better pictures. Thank you so much sir🙏🏻

▶️ Thank you for a wonderful session. As I mentioned, have learnt to observe minutely, both the ordinary and the ornate. Hadn't realised how important post-processing was! And most importantly, have tried to drill into the mind that one should determine what you want to convey through the photograph and then ease out the distractions in the path.

▶️ Thank you so much sir. It was a very good session for the beginners like me. I have never thought of the perspective to take any photo till now and had an impression of taking any subject in the middle but the rule of thirds is amazing. This is very first thing I learnt in the beginning. Then the journey of 5 days started interesting day by day. Specially your patience to review of all our photos. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

▶️ Sir Very Thankful to you. For Sharing your Experience with us and learnt so many things. From Framing to Post Processing, Composition Using of Shadows. Love to join your next level of courses.

▶️ Sir, before this class I was clicking pics according to my eyes, which were suiting to my eyes. But really grateful to you that I have learnt lots of technical knowledge on photography, like the selection of topic, composition, editing and lots of things, my perspective to see anything has been changed within these days.. Thank you very much sir 🙏

▶️ Thank you everyone for inspiring with so many pictures. Learned a lot from all of you. 🙏🙏🙏 And thank you Saurabh sir for these 5 days. This was one very good decision that I took and joined this class