Welcome to Photography courses in Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai and around, and want to learn photography, you can get started with our free online courses. 

Why SIA Photography Courses?

SIA Photography is the only course that does not have an end time. We are always there to answer your questions, guide you, and support you.

You also get access to our private Facebook and Whatsapp group where you receive feedback on how to improve.

This Photography Course if for YOU, if

You got a new DSLR and are not aware of the settings.

You own a DSLR, know the ‘basics’, but still can’t take awesome pictures.

You learned from Youtube or from a friend and realize something is missing.

You want to explore Photography as a hobby or as a source of income, don’t have a camera, and don’t know where to start.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the features of your camera and using it in the best possible way.
  • Workshop Notes
  • Participation Certificate
  • Support for a lifetime through the Facebook group

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Basics of Photography - Topics Covered

What is Photography?
Is my camera good enough? Different types of cameras
Camera Obscura
Hard Light / Soft light with examples
Demo and Exercises
Whats a dSLR / Mirrorless Camera
Sensor Size
How to Hold a Camera
Parts of a Camera
Aperture - What is Aperture and how it matters Use of f/2.8 and f/16
What is Shutter and how it matters - Use of Fast and Slow Shutter Speed
What is ISO and how it matters - Manual and Auto
Why is Image Processing / Editing Necessary
Editing in Film - Dodging, Burning
Genre of Photography
Qualities of a Photographer
Taking Care of your Camera

About your mentor Saurabh Chatterjee

His dream is to see India and to make every camera-owner a great photographer. Through his Webinars, Online Courses, 1:1 sessions, Photowalks and Photo-Tours, he has been sharing his knowledge with photography enthusiasts since 2011.

He also provides short-term and long-term mentorship programs for serious Photography enthusiasts who want to take it as a passion or profession.

SIA stands for Shutter, ISO, and Aperture - the three aspects that control the exposure of a picture. SIA in Persian means something that brings joy and that is what photography for us is all about.

With over 50 Photography Workshops and 100+ photo walks annually, SIA Photography is one of the most active Photography groups in India.

Since 2011, we have trained more than 6000 people across the globe.

Register for a FREE Online Photography Course with Certificate

 Note: This is a prerecorded online course. Every 2 weeks there is a live session where Saurabh monitors your progress by checking your assignments and answers your questions.


Q. I don’t know anything about Photography, I’m just a beginner. Will this course be helpful for me?

Ans. Absolutely, this course is for beginners. The course has been designed assuming that the participant has no knowledge/experience in photography.

Q. I don’t have an SLR camera; can I still join the workshop?

Ans. A DSLR camera will be required for this course. You can otherwise do my course on mobile phone photography.

Q. Can I learn everything about Photography in this course?

Ans. It is possible to learn the basic concepts in this course.

But, to master them, you will need some practice. The theory session is just an introduction to the ocean where you are about to dive in. It will provide you enough knowledge to start. You will need to practice. There are a lot of exercises in the course and if you follow them, you will definitely be able to take good control of your camera and can take great pictures. 

I have more courses to help you learn more, but first start with this :)