Photoshop Lightroom Classic Course Hyderabad

Unprocessed pictures are like half-baked cakes (or half-cooked rice) Learn how to make the most out of your images by processing your images. The course will cover the complete workflow, right from importing a picture from the memory to having a final processed output.

80% of good photographers don't know how to organize and process their pictures efficiently. You must learn it to make the best use of your pictures.


If you think, you must do it right in the camera, you are right, but the camera cannot see like your eyes do. Watch the video below on Why Editing is Important.

Most people who use Lightroom Classic use only the basic features for editing. There is a lot more to learn. There are features, if you know them can increase your visibility 10x and eventually have a positive impact on your business of Photography. Even if you are a hobbyist, and can barely manage time to work on your pictures, Adobe Lightroom Classic can significantly help you keep your pictures organised and speed up your editing process.

Why Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom Classic (different from Lightroom) is one of the most popular software for Image Management and Processing because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface.

You can significantly reduce the time you spend on your editing by learning how to use Lightroom Classic.

First read this, it will help you understand what you actually need to learn first.

Best Software for Editing

If you still think, you need to learn Photoshop, join the Adobe Photoshop course. 

What this Course Covers (Pretty Much Everything that you can ask for)

Adobe Lightroom Classic Library Module Features

01 Why is PostProcessingRequired.

02 RAW vs JPG.

03 Editing vs Manupulation.

04 Lightroom vs Photoshop.

05 LR Import Options.

06 LR Import Options.

07 Basic Overview of Lightroom Interface.

08 Choose Where to Store Your Photos.

09 Navigating in the Library Module.

10 Segregating Pictures using Stars and Colours.

11 Views in Lightroom.

12 Collection and SmartCollection.

13 Catalogs.

15 Deleting Files.

15 Folder and File Modification.

16 Library Filter and Applications.

17 Batch Renaming Files.

18 Metadata Presets.

Bonus - Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Shortcuts.

Bonus Tip - Disable Backup Catalog.

Bonus Tip - How to Identify and Process Black and White Pictures.

Bonus Tip - Sync Between Computers.

Bonus Tip Multiple Monitors.

Bonus Tip Shooting Tethered.

Bonus Tip-How to Decide What to Delete.


Lightroom Classic Develop Module Features

Interface of the Develop Module

Lightroom Presets



Sync Settings

Virtual Copies


Histogram - Shadows and Highlights Clippings

What is White Balance, How to Correct it?

Basic Controls - Temp, Tint, Exposure, Contrast Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks

Presence - Texture, Clarity, Dehaze, Vibrance and Saturation.

Tone Curve

HSL - Hue, Saturation and Luminance

Black and White Processing

Split Toning

Detail - Sharpening and Noise Reduction

Lens Corrections




Cropping and Straightening your Pictures

Adding Watermarks

Creating Export Presets

Exporting the files



HDR Panos

Exporting the files

Localised Adjustments

Spot Removal to remove unwanted elements

Red Eye Correction

Graduated Filter

Radial Filter

Adjustment Brush Tool

The Whole Workflow for Processing Pictures 

1. Import
2. Select / Reject, Rate
3. Delete
4. Rename
5. Add Metadata
6. Edit
7. Export

Online / 1:1 sessions / Group sessions can also be arranged on request. Please contact me if you have a requirement.


Why Post Processing is Important?

Pre-recorded Online course with Lifetime access.


Some feedback from the recent workshop in Mumbai

Thank u so much for your Workshop in Mumbai on the 18th Jan sir. It has really helped me to process much better than before..👍🏻👍🏻Thank u once again. Srinivas



I really needed a Course in the Lightroom.

I’ve tried lightroom earlier on my own but knowing things systematically now helps me lot.

Lightroom function to organize photos is amazing.

Very clear, well-structured, and easy to understand lectures by Saurabh sir.

What I liked best was the instructor’s ability to give alternate ways of doing a task, clear expertise.

Saurabh sir is a wonderful instructor. Very informative and passionate about photography. I believe having him as an instructor was the best part.”

Sachin Maurya


It was a privilege to learn Lightroom from you Saurabh Sir. We had an idea about the tool but you actually opened our eyes to its versatilities. You made it extremely easy by teaching us the small nuances like shortcuts keys. Especially the different features of managing multiple photographs at one go which is the most time saving and convenient way of editing.

Also grateful for introducing us to the concept of indexing, tagging, keywording, and keeping our pictures safe on the digital canvas.

Appreciate the easy and generous free flow of inputs and your patience with us.

You have enriched us on a professional and personal level as well.

Looking forward to a photo tour/workshop with you and many fruitful associations.

Warm Regards,


Hello I am a fashion, advertising, and celebrity photographer. My name is Viraj Shirodkar and the website I’d is

I am also a trainer of basic and advanced photography in Mumbai.

I wanted to learn lightroom in detail because it is the most important software in managing and processing your pictures post the shoot.

I was fortunate to learn Lightroom under Saurabh sir guidance. He taught us all the necessary tools of Lightroom in detail.

He has in-depth knowledge of lightroom and photography.

Learning with Saurabh sir was a great experience.  He teaches Lightroom in a systematic flow.  Right from importing pictures , managing keywords, developing and to exporting of files for end-use applications

I recommend everyone to attend his lightroom Workshop.  He pays personal attention to everyone and speaks from his heart. He is also an amazing photographer.

You should not miss this opportunity to learn with him.

Best luck

Thanks and Regards

Viraj Shirodkar